– Audio analysis component –

This audio analyser gathers informations from audio source and tranforms it to values that we can remap and use to create audio reactive programs.

Plug any audio signal (Audio File IN CHOP for instance) in the input.

First output of the tox gives you amplitude of certain frenquency ranges (that you can modify in the tox parameters)

Second output gives you kick, snare and beat detection

Last output is the audio spectrum (you can choose the resolution in the parameters page aswell)


  • smoothing parameter : smooths the signal coming out of different filters.

  • frequencies : use it to modify filters frequencies according to your needs and depending on the music that goes in.

  • beat detection :

    • threshold : use it to refine the sensitivity of the detection
    • freq : sets the frequency of different components (kick/snare)
  • spectrum : sets the resolution of the audio spectrum by modifying the number of points

click here to go to github page 😀